"The most rewarding part of language teaching is seeing students grow and blossom into skillful communicators. With ESPANGLISH, I hope to continue guiding and empowering many more to reach their language goals." - Janny B. Dutra, Founder.

Below are reviews from students, parents, colleagues, and clients. 

ESPANGLISH is definitely what I need to advance as a Spanish speaker. Janny has taught both English and Spanish and has put a lot of work into developing her method of teaching. She customizes the lessons to the student. You don’t even have to brave the DC traffic as she will give lessons online!
— student
When I was a freshman and sophomore I didn’t really understand Spanish until Ms. B started to teach me. She was so helpful and she pushed me to go further in my education. I just came back from a trip to Ecuador where I understood Spanish and could communicate with the locals. If it weren’t for Ms. B I wouldn’t have been able to go on the trip of my life. Ms. B is one of the best teachers I have ever had and I would say she will be one of the teachers that I will remember for the rest of my life.
— student
She’s patient and up to date on the lingo of the young folk. She also is extremely passionate not just about the subject but also the growth of the students.
— colleague
Ms. B used very creative projects and activities to help us learn Spanish more effectively. She genuinely wants her students to succeed and makes that more than possible.
— student
I met Ms. B lats year when she taught my Spanish class. She had the best personality and really connected with the students. She had the best tips and tricks to help us learn the language and always helped when needed. Ms. B actually cares about the students which is something that a lot of teachers don’t do. She has helped me better my language skills and I wouldn’t be where I am with Spanish today if it wasn’t for her.
— student