Ms. B is incredibly clear and helpful with her lessons. She made learning a foreign language seem like a piece of cake and with her help it was. I’d recommend Ms. B to absolutely anyone struggling with learning a second language!
Ms.B makes learning modern and relatable. She is patient with her students as well as understanding how leaning another language takes practice. I would recommend her to teaching new languages because I was in her class in high school ready for my college course in Spanish.
Señora B. is the best Spanish teacher I have ever had. Not only is she encouraging, patient, and creative in the way that she teaches, her ability to make students interested in learning a foreign language. She organized outside events for her students, giving them fun opportunities to practice speaking Spanish in real world environments. Señora B is one teacher that I felt went out of her way to get to know each student and their learning style. Señora B always encouraged me, talked to me in the hallway, and worked with me reasonably when I had to miss her class often. It is so clear everyday that Señora B cares deeply about her students and is passionate about teaching Spanish. I will always remember Señora B as my favorite, most talented, creative, and compassionate teacher.
Ms. B is the most dedicated teachers I’ve ever had the chance to meet. She will do almost anything to see her students succeed. I was blessed to have her as a teacher.
You were the first Spanish teacher I had and made me love it right away. You taught things in a way that made them easy to remember (OICTEMP. Que? Tú estas LOCo).
Ms. B served as my language tutor for more than a year. Thanks to her patience, personality, efficiency and overall delightful teaching methodology (meeting at places where I had to use Spanish to order food, assist Spanish Speaking customers at the Humane Society, etc.) I am now able to speak courteously in virtually any situation and hope to become a volunteer with Animal Rescue in Spanish Speaking areas of Colorado Springs. Now that she no longer lives in my area of the country, I hope to continue taking advantage of her expertise via Skype.
She is an amazing teacher, one of the best I have ever had. Her care for students is extremely strong. She works hard to make sure students are learning and doing well and will take extra time with any student who needs it.
Ms. B provides a fun and productive learning environment for students interested in language. She is a great human being and always brought a smile to my face.
Ms. B is a fantastic teacher, she is very involved in with her students. I am her former student and loved her as a teacher. The only thing I didn’t like was her pace, which really wasnt her fault, so overall she is awesome. She is a great teacher, and a great mentor.
As I went through Mrs. B’s Spanish 2 class, I learned more and spoke better Spanish because of the way she taught. Mrs. B was not afraid to change the way she taught us as a class to do better. She listened to our feedback and helped guide me to earn an A and exceed in Spanish. Mrs. B has been one of my favorite teachers of all time!
She is dedicated, passionate, polished and creative. Genuine relationships with kids and co-workers. Strong and committed, she will speak her mind and work in teams to create progress. She has a 10000 foot view, with an eye for details, as well as a high emotional IQ. Loved working with her! Miss it!
She actually cares how you say things and wants to be sure that you understand.
Ms. B was my Spanish teacher for Spanish 1. She made the class extremely fun, while teaching us what we need to learn. But, she did have times where she was serious while we were working. Overall, that year was great, and it definitely helped me want to continue taking Spanish.
Really cares about her students. I learned more in her class than any other. She always thought of original ways to get students involved and engaged in the classroom.
Really helped me realize my passion for foreign language. Gave me the opportunities in class to realize that I want to pursue a foreign language in college.
Ms. B was my Spanish teacher in highschool and was absolutely amazing! She is patient and kind. Ms. B worked with me when I really wasn’t understanding the material and helped me get better. She would always try to find new ways to make class fun and it most definitely worked! She would come up with games and activities to do that weren’t just worksheets and homework. I looked forward to going to class because I knew that I would be learning something new and not only would class be fun but the teacher was amazing as well. She is an amazing example of what a teacher should be and I appreciated getting to have her as a teacher.
She was the only language teacher that took the time to make sure her students were all understanding. Very approachable and just over all an amazing teacher
Heart for kids! Knowledgeable and all in!
She always offered to stay after school to give extra help with Spanish!! This was really awesome for kids like me who were struggling. :)
Very good with children and makes them work for their grades. Always there to help her students achieve and succeed.
Her students did very well inherclass and as they continued on to high level language courses. She worked hard for her students to understand the material and created fun ways of incorporating language learning in non traditional lessons. She was greatly missed by my daughter as her student and i as her coworker. My daughter went from truly learning Spanish to just memorizing vocab after she left. She is the best!
Ms B was my son’s Spanish teacher for his 2nd year of Spanish. She was very helpful in working with his accommodations as a dyslexic student and helped him to have a successful year.
I had you my freshman year & your were by far the most helpful Spanish reach I’ve ever had. You cared about your students and wanted to make sure we understood the concepts.
Ms.B made me feel comfortable with the Spanish language. She teaches what you need to know not what her colleagues expect.
Ms. B was always there to lend a hand if I needed help with anything. She also pushed me to help me reach my goals in learning Spanish. She was the best teacher I’ve ever had and wouldn’t be who and where I am today if it wasn’t for her.
Great pace and a great overall person. Knows a lot about what she teaches and you can see that she has a passion for teaching.
To be honest, the class was difficult for me but i learned a lot! Even after not having spanish for a year I actually just recently took a food order (in Spanish... duh) at work and i somehow remembered and understood the situation. She was a very inviting teacher and i was never nervous to at least try in her class!
She was such an extraordinary teacher and was easily one of the best I’ve had. She taught in her own special way. And actually helped.
Ms. B was my Spanish teacher sophomore year and in my opinion I thought she was the best teacher in the school. She has a great way of teaching her lessons and if I ever needed one on one help she was always there to help.
Mrs.B. was my Spanish teacher freshman year. She helped me understand conjugations and explain my vocabulary. Mrs.B helped me speak and write better in Spanish. This year I am in Spanish 4.
Ms B was a very positive and motivating teacher and was there for her students with school or with more personal issues creating a more happy environment. As I was a struggling student with poor attendance and stressful even happening, she always motivated me and gave me encouragement I wasn’t receiving. She wasn’t only my teacher but she was also a friend. I learned best from her than I have any other language teacher I’ve had.
She makes learning fun. She has amazing energy in the classroom, is always willing to help anyone who is struggling, and is always finding new and creative ways to make learning easier.
Ms. B is very nice and as a past student she really helped me understand and would go over things with you to make sure you were good. She’s interactive and repeated things and would never want you to fail. She’s a great teacher and will help you learn in multiple ways.
Ms. B was exceptional at recognizing the individual progress of her students as individuals, and made notes for where students were as a class as well. I had her as a Spanish level one teacher, and she fully understood that it was a beginner class, and what that would mean as far as necessary instruction and pacing. As a student previously in her course, I can easily say it’s one of the classes I can remember the material from the best. All in all an excellent teacher I would still want as a language teacher today.
Ms. B was easily the most influential and remarkable teacher that I have ever had the privilege to get to know. As one of her former students, I can honestly say that Ms. B has impacted me (as well as many of my peers) in such a way that led me to know how to put my full effort and desire into whatever I put my mind to. Not only was she personable with the students, but she knew how to communicate with them on a level that allowed them to understand what they were learning while at the same time enjoying it. She always assigned projects that required team work and creativity, making her classroom a desirable place. there was never a time where she wasn’t willing to go out of her way— even if that meant sacrifice in her part— to make sure every kid understood completely what was happening in the classroom. When a student was upset or frustrated, Ms. B was the first one to sit down and talk that student through it. When she learned that many of the students would be continuing their foreign language learning beyond the required amount for high school, she held meetings every day during lunch simply just to study with the kids and encourage them. None of this was required or asked of her, yet she did it because she loved it! One of the most memorable characteristics of Ms. B, however, is the time she told us she was leaving the school to fulfill another job offering. The day she left was the day that she wrote a huge note on the board to all of her former students, saying how much she was grateful for the opportunity to teach us, and that she hopes we all continued to try our best and learn to enjoy school. That act alone showed everyone how much she genuinely loves her job as a teacher. A teacher’s role in the classroom is this: to make the students feel welcome and educated, while leaving them with a sense of accomplishment every day. She did just that. Ms. B raised the standards for our language program and never tolerated less than our best. There needs to be more teachers like her everywhere!